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Through the Years
Habitat for Humanity of Saline County

In 1998, a small group of individuals had hopes of making home ownership a reality for working families in Saline County, Arkansas. Several group members had participated in events sponsored by an organization known as Habitat for Humanity. They knew what possibilities existed through this organization. This knowledge and their hopes fueled the creation of Habitat for Humanity of Saline County.  Through hard work and dedication, this group, which became known as the "Steering Committee," completed the requirements for affiliation, hosted a regional training workshop, opened headquarters and began selecting its first partner family.

In March of 2000 the affiliate broke ground on its first construction project for the Puckett family. This build was constructed primarily by women as a First Ladies' Build in conjunction with Arkansas First Lady, Janet Huckabee. After 3 1/2 months of hard work, the Pucketts and their two daughters, Brittany and Samantha, moved into their very first home.

In September of the very same year, the affiliate broke ground on its second construction.In 2002 the affiliate saw growth like never imagined. Two homes were started and completed while ground was broken for two additional homes.

Also in 2002 an idea was brought to fruition when the Board of Directors approved space donated by Regions Bank to open a ReStore in downtown Benton. The Board agreed to give the ReStore a trial run of 6 months. In 2003 the ReStore became our affiliate's major source of income, surpassing everyone's hopes. It also serves as an excellent source of community awareness in Saline County. We are extremely fortunate to have a great staff and wonderful volunteers to make the ReStore such a success. Two homes were dedicated in the Spring of 2003, and ground was broken on the Bodiford Home which was fully sponsored by FUMC of Benton.

In 2004, our affiliate continued preparing for growth with the hire of two part time Coordinators - Ginger Allinson, our Volunteer Coordinator, and Karma Herzfeld, our Program Coordinator. The Bodiford Home was completed and dedicated. Construction began on another home, and it was dedicated. Ground was broken on the Earnest home which was fully sponsored by FUMC of Bryant. Construction also began on an additional home, and both were dedicated by the end of the year.

In 2005, the ReStore provided the majority of funds for the affiliate. Goals were made to diversify funding sources. Karma Herzfeld was hired on as the full time Executive Director in July of 2005. Jim Allen was the ReStore manager for the affiliate. Two more homes were dedicated as were the First Ever 2x2 Build homes for our affiliate which were built for the Gilbert and King families. Our goal of completing 4 homes was met.

In 2006, the Affiliate completed 7 homes. These homes were funded by the ReStore and Built as a 2x2 project at Jamie Lynn Village. Apostles Cove was completed with 3 lots. Laura Lewis, Allen and Sherosha Murry and Lynne Huie all moved into their homes on Apostles Cove by the end of the year, completing the construction on Apostles Cove. The Lewis home was funded by the ReStore. The Murry Home was the first Home Builders Blitz build for the Affiliate and for the nationwide effort by Habitat International. The Saline Home Builders Association built this home in just 3 days from start to finish.

The Huie Home was the affiliate's first Apostles Build. Eleven churches partnered with the affiliate to provide volunteers, funds and food for this build. The Paulus Home was the final home to be built in Jamie Lynn Village. This home was the first Youth Build for the affiliate and the only Youth Build in the Central United States. The affiliate's Youth United group funded and built this home. Another home was built in the Sardis community on land donated by Wes and Doris Bradbury. This home was built in part with funds raised by our Carpenter Club members.

Also in 2006, the affiliate received a land donation from Spears and Jones. The 21 acres was sold to the City of Benton and the affiliate purchased 12 acres with plans to develop. Karma Herzfeld continued to serve as the Executive Director. Wes McFarland was hired to manage the ReStore, Michelle Blair was hired as an Executive Assistant and Marvin Gay and Warren Burleson served as volunteer Construction Supervisors for the affiliate.

In 2007, the affiliate broke ground on Partnership Village. The 12 acre development, located at Market and Woodlawn, consists of 65 lots and private alley access for the Habitat families. The affiliate completed 6 homes, 5of which were located at Partnership Village. The affiliate built a Thrivent Build with Habitat home in partnership with Thrivent Financial and the local Lutheran churches for Linda Raper. The second Home Builders Blitz was built in partnership with the Saline Home Builders Association for Cherie Pilgram. 

The second Carpenter Club home was built for Kathy Fohn. The Apostles Build home was built for Sandy Anderson. Two homes were built through Habitat International's Operation Home Delivery for Michelle Tacko and Paul LeDoux. Staff for 2007 included: Karma Herzfeld, executive director; Wes McFarland. restore manager; Michelle Blair, executive assistant; Derek Rasburry, restore assistant manager; Troy Hill, restore driver; Krista Petty, PR coordinator; and Sara Gay, PR intern.

In 2008, the affiliate completed seven homes. The Carpenter Club Build , the Home Builders Blitz, the Thrivent Build, the Crossroad Missions, Help Build Hope Home , the Youth Build, the Apostles Build, and the Women Build. All of the homes were built in Partnership Village, with the exception of Betty Smith's home, which was built on West Colonel Glenn on land donated to the affiliate by her family.

The affiliate completed five homes in 2009. The Carpenter Club Build, a Women Build, a Community Partnership Build, an Apostles Build, in which 12 churches partnered with the affiliate to provide volunteers, funds and food. Also completed was the Fund for Humanity Build. All homes were built in Partnership Village. The 2009 staff consisted of Karma Herzfeld, Executive Director; Linda Hambric, Construction Supervisor; Katy Remington, Associate Director of Volunteers and Affiliate Operations; Jenny Thiltgen, Resource Development Director; Karie Johnson, PR Coordinator, Wes McFarland, ReStore Manager; Brandon Hughes, ReStore Assistant Manager; and Ley McFarland, Restore Truck Driver.

The affiliate completed seven homes in 2010. There was a Carpenter Club Build, a Collegiate Challenge home, The Builders Blitz Repair, and the Youth United Build, which served as the 40th family that Habitat for Humanity of Salinee County served! In addition, there were the 2010 Apostles Build and Women Build.

In 2011, the affiliate completed six houses: Carpenter Club house; two Collegiate Challenge houses; Apostles house; Women Build house; and Build Season Partners house. 

For 2012, the affiliate has eight families lined up to receive houses.  Our current staff includes Karma Herzfeld, Executive Director; Linda Hambric, Construction Supervisor; Amy Bennett, Associate Director of Volunteers and Affiliate Operations; Laura Nix, Resource Development Director; Cora Halvorson, ReStore Manager; and Brandon Hughes, ReStore Assistant Manager.

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