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We have several different opportunities for volunteers to use their talents for the Habitat for Humanity mission.
Thank You for your commitment!



The Building Committee works to define the type of construction best suited for the local community and Habitat's goals. The committee proposes construction guidelines and addresses construction issues. The Building Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 9 a.m., TBD

Members include: Al King (Chair), Brett Berry, James Breedlove, Stan Fox, Joe Copeland, James Gaither, Butch McConnell, Jesse Clark, Sharon Prickett, David Pyle, Tom Spann, Eric Thomas Sr., Brent Russell

To join, email Stephanie Griffin at


The Church Relations Committee leads local congregations in partnering to fulfill Habitat for Humanity's mission. The committee also assists in organizing church-related projects and fundraisers, such as the annual Souper Bowl and Apostles Build. The Church Relations Committee meets as needed.

Members include: Galan Hughes (Chair), Bill Ballard, Karen Crowson, Selena Ellis, Polly Fricke, Kathy Turpin, Patti Hyatt, Al King, Teresa Rushing, Jenny Sichterman, Linda Spaul, Jill Winchell, Stephanie Griffin

To join, email Stephanie Griffin at



The Development Committee works to ensure that the fiscal needs of the affiliate are met, and to share the opportunity throughout the community to participate in the ministry through financial contributions and in-kind gifts. This committee meets at 11:00 on the second Thursday of each month via Zoom.

Members include: Amy Seagraves (Chair), David Bush, Joe Copeland, Lisa Harney, Galan Hughes, Jenny Sichterman, Audrey Villegas, Jill Winchell, Sam Chaffin and Amy Kelly

To join, email Amy Kelly at


The Family Selection & Support Committee works to identify those individuals with the greatest need, as well as working with applicant families to ensure the established criteria is met. This committee is responsible for the selection of partner families as well as working with families to assist in the transition of becoming a new homeowner. Committee members work to ensure families understand what is required in regards to sweat equity and education, all while providing support for the partner family. This committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Family Selection Members: Lauren Miller (Chair),Sam Gibson, Linda Smith, Amy Seagraves, Lauren Felton, and Stephanie Griffin

Family Support Members:  Lauren Miller (Co-Chair), Selena Ellis (Co-Chair), Jason Brown, Alexis Chancellor, Karen Crowson, Ann Easterling, Lisa Harney, Rosemary Kirby, Diana Moore, Jerry Williams, Stephanie Griffin

To join, email Stephanie Griffin at


The ReStore committee oversees all aspects of ReStore operations, including procedures, marketing volunteer recruitment, financial management and the sale of merchandise. The committee also evaluates current programs and provides strategic direction to the ReStore and Habitat staff. The ReStore Committee meets on the 3rd Friday of odd months at 8:00AM at the ReStore

Members include: Linda Smith (Chair), Margaret Alsobrook, David Bush, Mary Lawhon, Judy Pridgen, Linda Smith, Jill Winchell, Sam Chaffin and Brandon Hughes

To join, email Brandon Hughes at


The Tuesday Crew volunteer on the build site of current building projects every Tuesday and Build Week. They do everything from foundation and raising the walls to installing ice makers and door knobs. There is no experience required to volunteer with our Tuesday Crew--they'll teach you!

Members include: Butch McConnell, David Pyle, James Breedlove, James Gaither, Sharon Prickett, Dave Bush, Jill Winchell, Tom Spann, Jack Leech, James Jennings, Bob Miller, Al King, Stan Fox, Hugh Lawhon, Brenda Forthmon, Jim Crowser, Eric Thomas, Benny Willis, John Crews, Charles Austin, Joe Copeland, Tony Floyd, Bobby Humphries, John Humphries, Duane Heckelsberg, and Lloyd Cambre

To join, email Crystal Campbell at

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